How Do Postal and Mailing Boxes Work?

Postal boxes, sometimes called mailing boxes or postage stamps, are simply the perfect packing solution for delivering single items within a short period of time. And if you are shipping a package of items to just one customer, then postage stamps are also used. To ensure your packages are secure for delivery, the small boxes are manufactured from high-quality corrugated cardboard with a non-marring, anti-tarnish paper. This makes the boxes virtually indestructible and suitable for many years of use.


As mentioned earlier, the two most popular types of postal boxes in use today are the foam lined boxes and the standard box cardboard boxes. Foam lined boxes are popular because of their lighter weight compared to the larger standard ones. The smaller foam lined boxes also allow users to stack additional items on top of them like CD’s or DVD’s without any strain. Standard postal boxes on the other hand are designed to accommodate only single envelopes or a small bag. These are also good for single packages and small parcels.


When it comes to choosing the right type of postal boxes or postage stamps, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. One is to consider the security measures that are incorporated into the packing material. Another important factor is to choose the lids according to what the contents will be packed into. Lids can either be open or closed. If you are using standard cardboard boxes, then the lids are usually secured with a little twist tie. But if the contents are fragile, or if you want greater security, then you will have to opt for the lockable lids.


A further consideration to make when choosing the right postal boxes or stamps is the size and shape. There are many shapes available, ranging from circular to hexagonal and some with extra strength features, like an inner reinforced bottom. Many suppliers and manufacturers have a range of styles to suit individual needs. Cardboard, for instance, has a number of different shapes including: oblong, trapezoid, heart, hexagonal, square and rectangle.


Postage rates also fluctuate according to the sizes and shapes of the boxes. Smaller sizes are generally available at low postage rates, but to meet the increasing demand, post offices across the country are constantly buying in bulk. However, if you need an exceptionally large parcel, then it might be worth considering custom-made oversized postal boxes. These are generally available from specialist suppliers.


The foam lined packaging options are ideal for keeping goods safe and secure. Most packaging suppliers have ‘airtight’ sealant applied to their packaging. This stops any gases, such as moisture or carbon dioxide being able to escape, which can cause damage to the product during transit. Foam lined packaging is also an environmentally friendly option, as it keeps landfill usage at a minimum. The packaging supplier will be able to advise you on the best packaging solutions for your requirements. All the relevant information is usually provided on the packaging label.